Uhmm! My guess is that your interest in this post is solely to satisfy your curiosity about a bit or if not the entirety of Financial Freedom. Well, if otherwise, we what? We move! I hope not to disappoint you on this read as you educate yourself and execute the lessons learnt.

Overtime, I’ve realised or you would agree with me that at some point in our lives, we become desperate to earn money. Attaining Financial freedom is an objective to most of us. A few trailblazers discover this drive probably in their teen age and twenties while the late bloomers discover after fixing other important areas of their lives. But can we really fix all areas of our lives without the presence of money?

Money means a million different things to a million different people – Matt Higa

Some might say, Financial freedom is having more than enough money. Some believe it is buying what you want, when you want, having no debt; simply being rich. Of course, these are answers but half-baked. And if we don’t have a clear idea about what our goal is, how can we reach there?

I would say, being financially free embodies a lot. It is having enough savings that enable us pursue the career we want, sustaining income to cover living expenses, having financial investments; not being burdened with increasing debt, money emergencies and watching our money working for us rather than the other way round.
I also believe proper education should be a guide to to us fixing various aspects of our lives even as we prioritize money making. As an individual, family, nation, entrepreneur, firm etc, Financial freedom is a necessity or what is the need for the hustle and struggle if it isn’t primarily to generate income in the first place?
“Knowledge is Power”. Yes, I agree but on the brighter side, I prefer to say Applied knowledge is power. It doesn’t make sense if I know how to break a egg and I actually can not break one. If you seek to be financially free, you don’t just learn ‘How’ but you figure HOW whilst practicing.

°• Few Tips •°

LEARN. Not just skills….Empty your glass and be ready to gain more financial management lessons. When you learn to earn, you earn expertise, experience and exchange (of course! I mean money). Learn what must be learned by keeping abreast of financial news, opportunities, be involved and ready to adjust where necessary. Discover profit earning strategies from your sales or transactions. It is your responsibility to stay aware of such details.

SAVE MORE ‘ LESS DEBT. I can’t deny the fact that at some point, saving might seem very difficult especially when there isn’t enough to cater for yourself. Truth is, the thought and sacrifice of saving will only bother you when you don’t have a plan from scratch. With the mindset of a goal, budget you want to achieve in the nearest future, you will SAVE DESPERATELY. Savings makes you cover up for unforseen contingencies. It’s like a reservoir you can always draw from when things go south. So, why not save that 1K from your allawee and cut your expenses? If you want that dream car, house or net worth, you really should start saving those teeny-weeny amount from now, no matter how hard.

But you see debt, it’s harder. In fact, don’t try tasting it, flee!!! It will not only entangle you, it’ll embarass you and then your peace of mind suddenly goes on sabbatical leave.
Permit me to say, being debt free is a better option than having a good loan honestly. Whenever you hit a big deal, bonus or reward, channel it to paying off that debt because procrastination will have you biting your fingers later. When you control your expenses, minimize your debts and save more, your chances to financial freedom increases dramatically.

INVEST, BUT DIVERSIFY. Don’t put all your eggs in a basket. Don’t be dependent on one stream of income. Invest in people, assets and value generating ideas. Now, let me break this further. To make extra money, you have to work extra time. Hence, diversifying your skills, interest and efforts into at least two streams of income. So, when one freezes, another will be a source B. Being a business owner doesn’t mean you cannot work extra time as an online tutor too as long as you’re doing well and have the capacity to sustain them. Create value that will attract people to you; without value, there will be no attraction of income.

Make connections (partnerships) as well. The funny thing is, everyone communicates, but only few connect. After advertising your product/service and a customer patronizes, you don’t just seal the deals and zone out. Try maintaining a relationship which will on the long run earn you referrals. This way, you are creating a connected system which will bring you cash flow. Now you get it? Yeah.

LEVERAGE. Like I just stated, be a connector and expand to generate passive income(the ultimate form of freedom).
Column B in the diagram below has a steady cash flow

Remember, people contributing little by little is what makes up a Leverage and you access rewards from your team. Creative Entrepreneurs use leverage in businesses to build skills & relationships that expand their network. When you leverage your connections or network, it saves you money and resources in the sense that, your group of network understand that you can always seek legal, medical, business advice from them rather than hiring someone which will cost you. They also act as scouts for you since you can not be in several places at once.

For instance, a connection will help you get pass gatekeepers which might have taken you hours in calls and inquiries. But as soon as you mention his/her name, you automatically get approved. I’m sure you know about this! And finally, your circle of network, connection or expansion can always serve as a back up and save you from making costly financial mistakes. But please, connect with people that will add value to you, Okay?

Your journey to Financial Freedom begins now! I wonder what you are you still waiting for…Who knows, your generation could forthcome a new Warren Buffett.

Short Story


“Please, where is the way to the restroom sir?” Munachi asked the security man standing close to the entrance of the beautifully painted building. “I hope I won’t have to go in like this o? this queue is not here.”

“No ma’am” the man said gesturing to a narrow walk way by the right which led to the back of the building. “Oh thanks!” she hurried past him and felt a churn in her stomach. The glum on his face was enough to decipher his mood. Not only was he looking exhausted from directing the crowd at the early hours of the day, he was weak and frustrated. Munachi while on the queue had heard him telling his colleague that “Orderliness and these impatient Lagosians are soul-tie enemies”.

The orange and white coloured bank was known for its incessant parade by its users; from the first day of the week till the end. During and after
banking hours, the ATM area took a new shape with elongated queues that most times transcended to the main road. One will see humans curved like graphs of the letter L and U on queues in attempt to make withdrawal. No doubt the bank has a lot of customers but over the years, there had been complaints that another branch be created within the same location to reduce the turn up of people at the ATM stand. Seemingly, no action as regards that had been made.

. . .

It was 3:45pm and as Munachi headed back to join the rest, she noticed that one of the queues which she left had broken off into two. As she made her way hurriedly to inquire what had led to the division, she sighted a pregnant lady who had a striking resemblance with someone she knew.
The chubby lady looked funny with her protruding belly. “Tosin!” Yes, her
eyes couldn’t have been deceiving her. Tosin was the best graduating student from her set in the University of Lagos, three years ago. They had both served during their NYSC days at Enugu before she finally relocated to Ibadan to take care of her sick mother. Being the only child, she was a ray
of sunshine to her family and everyone who related to her.

“Oh my God!
Toss, na you be this? See as your double decker full ground?” “Muna! seriously?” She replied shyly. “You and this your mouth ehn you’ve not changed one bit!” “hahaha….change keh? when I’m not Buhari. What’s up now? That’s how we lost your contact. Come come” she held her arm. “Eh see how pretty you look babe” “ Leave fine for face, come and gist me
ahbeg” whispered Muna. Just as she was about to pull her out of the line, a lanky elderly man behind them who had apparently been enduring the disturbance of their chit chat gestured to Muna indicating that they should move away from the line. “Aunty e bo s’egbe jare e ma Fi ti yin da wa duro. the line dey move” he said trying not to sound too disrespectful and desperate. “I still dey your front o” Tosin smirked as she stepped out of the queue and followed Muna to the car park beside them which had small sign boards of “CARS PARKED AT OWNERS RISK” boldly written on them. At least, the car arena was less populated.

Vincent, at the other side of the road had just alighted from a Danfo. On Friday noons like that, the Abule-egba overhead bridge was always congested with vehicles going to and fro; hawkers displaying their wares in traffic and pedestrians clutching on to their bags and valuables while using the road. He needed to make a quick withdrawal at the GT bank across the road. However, he had earlier spotted another bank adjacent to where he stood but was undecided about risking 65 naira deduction from his
account balance. He had done three different withdrawals from other banks that same month and to worsen matters, he got debited of the extra change he had for bank sms notification charges. The patience to wait in long queues at the ATM stand wasn’t his forte. He wondered why withdrawing at the bank was always stressful. On seeing the situation of things at the Gt bank from a distance, he took a moment to meditate, with his hands akimbo. The dilemma had eaten him up as he stood by the roadside lost in thoughts. An Okada rider raced past him and he jolted from his reverie. The cold breeze puffed out his strongly starched T-shirt. “impatient fool! They are always speeding” Vincent yelled.

He thought about the number of hours that will be wasted if he joins the queue and how much balance will be left of him if he finally withdraws from another bank. He glanced at his wristwatch and saw that it was past 4pm already. There was no way he would enter into the banking hall and opt for a withdrawal slip to perform his transaction faster. “What kind of problem
is this Lord?” He mumbled trying to pull his nerves together. His boss had just transferred his salary the previous day and fifteen thousand naira was no amount to boast of for Vincent; coupled with the fact that it was not enough to cover his bills and other necessities. He felt his phone vibrate in his back pocket and reached for it. It was a whatsapp message from his sister. It read, “Where are you? Please hurry up. The doctor insisted that he’ll only attend to me when you’re around and have made a cash deposit” At this point, he resolved to withdrawing from his bank. The only money left with him was his t fare back to the hospital. Pheew! he sighed plugging his hands-free into his ears and switching the phone’s music player. All he wanted at that moment was to shut out the noise from the road and listen to something comforting. He bit his lower lip at the sound of Travis
Greene’s Made a way and slid the phone back into his jean pocket. His plan was to get the money, rush back to the hospital and pay so the doctor
could commence treatment on her.

Whilst making his way through the hawkers on the express road, he bumped into a roughly dressed lad. “Oga, you no dey see road ni” “ehhh sorry jare” Vincent snapped as he retraced his steps. Immediately he crossed, he noticed that the music had stopped playing. It was until he felt his back pocket, it dawned on him that his phone had been neatly moved.

Munachi walked briskly to locate her line. Tosin had rushed off after their intended brief but lengthy conversation. She had evening prayers to catch up with at church. Luckily for Muna, the young man behind her earlier was now the eight person in the line. Some moments ago, that particular ATM had stopped dispensing money so majority on the queue drifted to the next.

“I was here, remember?” She said sounding more or less like she was mastering her lines for a drama and not asking a question. The fellow smiled as he adjusted for her to make her way in between. Just then, somebody shouted from the back. “make nobody enter that side again o if una no want wahala”.

Vincent’s queue moved faster until the lady in front of the machine decided to practice her good samaritan skills. She was about to slot in the fourth card which intuitively wasn’t hers when Vincent attacked her in annoyance. The poor guy had been battling with taking his mind off of his stolen phone and there right in front of him was another mood spoiler. “Are you now lord of the cards ma or don’t you realize that people have other things to do than waste time here? He shouted. “I’m sorry, this is the last one my brother” She said. “Taaah taaah comot
there before I scratch your face” retorted the other lady behind Vincent. “I don’t understand why people will just be selfish with something that is meant for everybody” said another lady who had been watching the whole scenario steadily. “woh e jor yin po! Who is the next person?” yelled a middle aged woman who had just ensued in an argument with the person beside her over the proper way to chew gum. “I’m done, the machine is all yours now” the lady said as she walked off “Look at her toothpick legs…if you fine now, e for better”. That came from the back where no one cared to trace and spot who said such but they laughed.

Another argument was heating up on Munachi’s queue as she struggled to endure the smell of the stench which had clouded the blouse of the woman in front of her. She felt sticky and hot. She craved fresh mint air. “I’ll be out of here in the blink of an eye”. She assured herself. At the back, a young girl of about sixteen had accused the guy behind her of intentionally resting his loins on her backside. No doubt the queue was tight and the curves of the girl was enough to keep the eyesight of every man in auto focus; the guy denied and told as many as were interested in the argument that it was the girl who had been leaning on him and stiffening him. “Orisirisi” said Muna who had just heard the gist from another fellow in her line. “People and wahala ehn”

Two, three, four, five, she counted the 1000 naira notes cautiously in her purse. “Are you the last person?” asked an old looking woman who walked up to her.” “No o, I will never be the last”. Muna snapped. That’s the last person on the queue. She pointed and moved farther from the ATM area as she gracefully headed to the main road



Now that you’re here! Sit back, cuddle that device in your palms and keep your gaze fixed between the lines of this mesh of letters.

In case you missed the start of this ride, I’d implore you to click this below so it doesn’t seem like I left you! #winks

Back to the matter!
I did mention that in as much as your package looks beautiful, it should also be valuable. Let’s take this from the Make up angle – Ladies will agree with me that having applied a stunning make over, we tend to see ourselves as the fairest of them all in the mirror, yeah? But you and I know well that such good looks can never be achievable without frequent practice, corrections and timely effort.

This brings me to the first highlight:

Investing in yourself.
I know you must have come across this one way or the other from books, posts and the likes because lately everyone seems to have a touch of motivational speaking. Lol. But the truth is, you can only have something to deliver when you are FULL or when the package of You carries weight.

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, but improve the lives of those around you”.  -Robin Sharms

Spend quality time engaging your brain (study, research, meditate), read more, just read, ask questions, broaden your knowledge horizon. Trust me, it might not make sense at first but just keep on. That picture you’ve envisaged for yourself is merely not by posting “self-love” captions everywhere. It’s you working on Yourself that really shows how much you love You.

Leave your Comfort zone; Explore.
For reals, could there really be a being on  earth right now that doesn’t like trying out new stuff? Well, I’ve met a few and I can only but say “E be things” really! Your comfort zone is the constructed narrative your brain has fixed you in. I’m sorry to announce there’s a 0% possibility of you getting that desired lifestyle by just keeping your fingers crossed. They say “what will be will be…slow and steady” Oh yeah! It’s all right but have you thought about being fast and consistent. Which strikes more? Think about it please.
You might equally be thinking not everything is for you or it’s risky. The biggest risk and regret is never trying. Do you get? Reading Ben Carson’s – Take The Risk recently, made me understand that the fear of not risking itself is risky. My dear, grab opportunities that comes your way which you’re certain will fit into your package. I used to be very skeptical about engaging in various things until I started volunteering and networking with different people and trust me, you don’t want to know #grins
To really live a remarkable life, you must take consistent actions and navigate choices around you which is only feasible when you EXPLORE.

Self Awareness.
It is often said that you have to find yourself. Well, I’m not disputing that but I also believe that SELF is something you create. Practically, the way ladies cherish using original and lasting products to enhance a facial make up is the same way it is expected of you to look out for lifetime skills that will add value to yourself. Improve, dear; don’t restrict yourself and be comfortable with what you’ve always had alone. Make corrections where needed. Picture how the concealer when applied covers spots and acne on the body…Yes!  exactly how I’d advice you to adjust in those areas where you’ve noticed always have a negative feedback of you from people. It matters too!
What you’re made of is what will announce and recommend you even in your absence. It’s a default theory honestly. For instance, after stating in your cover letter that you intend to contribute your quota to the development of an organization, the HRM is seemingly looking out for your additional personal skills that can affect the firm positively. It doesn’t end at flaunting the degrees in your certificate alone.

Now guess what? there’s another interesting part to Self Awareness. That is, your display on social media platforms. This computer age should be taken advantage of in selling ourselves. I mean, what does your page speak of you? Can your Employer make reference to your posts on IG, tweets and comments and be proud that you are his Employee? Can an old friend stumble upon your page and recommend you for mind blowing offers? Imagine you decorating your wall with things that doesn’t even depict who you claim to be. It’s wrong now! Think about it.
Like the saying goes, “The way you dress is how you will be addressed” So also the way you carry yourself is the way you will be respected and the way you display yourself is how you will be referred.

Quickly, let’s consider Impressions.
The effect of this cannot be overemphasized really. Be something to be remembered for. Imagine you sitting in a hall (very crowded) and a young lady walks in with her face well highlighted and shiny with a bronzer, or she’s on a blue hair or there’s something striking in her appearance. It leaves a poignant picture of her in your memory which you’ll definitely always remember.
The thing is, every single person who knows you or has met you, only experiences the version of you they have met or heard about. So why not make yourself a “want-to-meet-again person”.
Impressions have a lasting effect on your personality because your personality itself is a function of memories strung together by others while you’re conscious or unaware about it. Do you understand?
So, in leaving impressions, you tend to display an image of you formed by the identity you tend to create for yourself. Read that again, dear!

Thanks for sticking with me on this journey and giving me a chance to drive you.

Never forget that it all begins with YOU. You can’t affect another’s life if yours is a mess on its own. Hence, the need for you to Make up for a good delivery.



I have never really been so lucky with write ups or do I say being passionate about writing wasn’t birthed in my DNA or non challancy has so much consumed my emotions that I rather leave thoughts wandering in the corners of my mind than pen it on paper? I guess now I figured something to share before I lock more thoughts up in my shell. Lol…

Oh well, you might be wondering what this is all about from the title but guess what? This is about You! What are you made of? What does your presence actually portray and what can you deliver? It’s quite impossible to decipher people’s impression of you but we all strive to make long lasting impressions one way or the other. Funny how I have to re-ask myself these questions because most often than not, 80% of us have buried our mindset in the mantra of “Everything na packaging”.

However, it is pertinent that we re-fix our make up.
Logically and figuratively, ‘Make up‘ here implies the totality of your being. Recently, I was in a conversation with a friend and we were analyzing the literal concept of make up usage as beauty enhancers by ladies and to correct their body shape(package) in a way.

Thus, this observation brought me to a realization which I’ll leave you to ponder on.
As much as your package looks beautiful, let it also be valuable.
Hol up! this is not some motivational piece intended to give you thrills or make you feel like you are a total mess or even make you feel like you’ve had your highest accomplishment already and there’s no point fixing You anymore. The truth is, people will only notice and nuture you when they are fully aware that you have something to deliver.

Don’t just be a container, Carry content” I heard this sometime ago and I never fully understood the meaning until I was faced with practical experiences where I knew I couldn’t just sit back and watch but contribute. Have you ever wondered why some well read and sophisticated graduates still get turned down for a job application? They have the certificate record of distinctions but still cannot prove it with their appearance at an interview. Why do your friends not hit you up on opportunities and offers they benefit from? Why does it seem like you are in the dark of everything even when you try to show yourself? Ever wondered why people tend to push and pick on you even when you struggle to fit into their circle? Or you are probably in a gathering and the mention of some people’s names in absential attracts not just an applaud but a standing ovation which isn’t meted to the present guests. Just imagine!

There are levels to these things and we would say “this life no balance” Oh yeah! But what really do you have to offer and how does your presence make impact? starting from your family, friends, relationships before we place the measurements scale to the society. It all starts with you being a valuable product that will not be toyed with and also productive in your doings.
I once posted this…
“A billboard does nothing yet people stare at it and channel keen attention to it… It doesn’t strain. Sometimes it’s not all about straining so much for them to notice you. Make sure the design of YOU speak You (Identity, Influence, Personality)”.

They say you can be the complete package and still get delivered to the wrong address. Likewise, You can be at the right address but your package delivery doesn’t fit in.
Please dear, be properly made up. By building yourself continuously; You subsequently become like a billboard which in its position, is being noticed. Your personality begins to earn you respect, recognition and affluence. Remember, the beautiful package of You has to be valuable.
With every step you take in the Make up, be sure it fits into the picture of what you want to deliver.

Curious about the STEPS? Find out in the next post, dear!



I keep being distracted
not that I lose focus,
but my head seems affected
Could it be a curse?

I know I can’t help it
deep down right here,
within me, I can feel it
Could it be in the air?

I see blurry lines
my visions fail me
To think that I was all wise
must have been crazy of me

Hey! there’s no remedy now!
I hear those words again clearly
but I keep wondering how?
and why my torment came so early

They say it’s hallucinations
but this is a pure state if enigma
To hide these plethora of emotions,
is the major cause of my trauma

Very unusual, I gave in
eagerly like someone whose life
has been jinxed from within
Then the alarm rang, it was past five.

Yeah it was my first
Little wonder I took his words with candor
Bliss was all I felt
But woe unto deceitful pleasure

I took a life that hadn’t even begun
Thought it was my escape route from blame
Now I bleed, red tears of a child unborn
Tell me if pain and grief isn’t the same

Well, life has dropped my name
my seal is broken and untaped
Couldn’t I have beared it all in shame?
Perhaps, karma’s debt I left unpaid

I lost life and left light
Entangled in cobwebs of guilt
I’m trapped in my own made darkness
Shhh…I’m letting go
I hear whispers of goodnight.

°•The girl child that got it all wrong•°